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100ml Permanent Keratin Treatment Conditioners

Achieve salon-worthy straight hair with our Keratin Hair Straightening Treatment Set. This set includes a formalin-free keratin treatment, cleaning shampoo, and smoothing conditioner for a complete hair care regimen. The treatment helps to eliminate frizz and make hair more manageable, while also improving its texture and shine. It contains natural ingredients that are gentle on hair, making it safe for all hair types. The cleaning shampoo thoroughly cleanses hair, removing dirt, oil, and product buildup to prep it for the keratin treatment.

The smoothing conditioner helps to lock in moisture and nutrients to keep hair healthy and shiny. This set is perfect for those who want to achieve long-lasting straight hair without the hassle of daily styling. With regular use, it helps to improve hair quality, making it softer, smoother, and more manageable.

Key Features:

  • Formalin-free keratin treatment for safe and gentle use on all hair types
  • Thoroughly cleanses hair with the cleaning shampoo to prepare it for the treatment
  • Smoothing conditioner locks in moisture and nutrients for healthy and shiny hair
  • Eliminates frizz and improves texture and shine
  • Makes hair more manageable and easier to style
  • Safe and effective for at-home use
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Long-lasting results with regular use

Package Includes:

  • 100ml Smoothing Conditioner